Pokémon GO School Map Project #earthscience #natgeoed #fbspr


Update Pokémon GO School Map Project 

Click here to watch the students working on their projects:


Our Google Map

The beginning of our  Pokémon GO School Map Project 

Tuesday, August 30, 2016 – Wednesday August, 31, 2016

Introduction: People all ages are playing Pokemon Go almost everywhere. But did you know this augmented reality game is using GPS capability of your mobile device’s to locate Pokemons?

In this activity students will be divided into groups of 3 to 4 to work with the application Pokémon GO. They will be required to make a scale map of the school showing the Poké Stops and landmarks and the route they will take to visit the most nearby Poké Stops.

How they are going to do their maps? They will use Google Maps alongside the Pokémon Go app, to view the area around the school and recreate their map.

Next (on ANOTHER paper) students should calculate the distance (in miles) needed to hatch the eggs you have collected in one of your incubators. The project will be worth 50 points. Drawing sightings can be included as creativity elements.It will be worth 50 points.

Learning Objectives:
Students will learn to make a representation of the Pokemons present at the school grounds and nearby areas. Moreover, they will apply data gathered through the game Pokemon GO to solve real life problems like:
– Following cardinal directions
– Drawing a map
– Collecting GPS coordinates
– Pinpoint exact locations on a given area
– Measure distances
– Convert between units of length using a conversion factor and dimensional analysis
– Make a Google Earth Map based on the data they collected

– Mobile with the app Pokemon GO installed
– Papers
– Coloring pencils, markers and crayons
– Any other material that you may think of to recreate your map
– Calculator
– Computer

Hint: 1 kilometer equates to .62 miles (multiply the number of kilometers by 0.62 to do the conversion).

Example for the calculations (using your conversion factor):

1.4 km/5km= means you already walked 1.4 km of the 5 km you needed to hatch your creature

Then 5.00 km -1.4 km= 3.6 km are the amount of kilometers you have to walk so the egg can hatch.

3.6 km * (0.62 mi)/1km= 2.23 miles


10 creativity

10  group work

10 presentation

10 following directions

10 math calculations

*Work has to be submitted on time

Extension: Create and customize your map in Google Earth


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Nunez, M. (2016). Pokémon Go Is Secretly Teaching Americans the Metric System. Retrieved August 25, 2016, from http://gizmodo.com/pokemon-go-is-secretly-teaching-americans-the-metric-sy-1783459191

Image credit: Poké Ball.svg From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository


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